Code of Conduct


The following is our code of conduct when attending all FAM/Event functions. We require you to read the below; finalizing your registration indicates you have read and fully understand the requirements provided. Universal Parks & Resorts Vacations truly values travel advisors as partners and friends in the industry who have contributed to our success. In appreciation of this support, we are always pleased to welcome you to experience first-hand Universal Orlando’s, hospitality and commitment to exceptional customer service. As a condition of participating in this FAM/Event with us, we ask you to follow our Travel Advisor Code of Conduct. This policy serves to help ensure that all are able to enjoy their experience and time while at our destination.

Participation on a Universal Orlando Resort is subject to our Code of Conduct, as follows: 

  • You will be attending this FAM/Event at a very special rate/cost. Please do not disclose the rates paid to other guests of Universal Orlando Resort.
  • Be respectful of other agencies and guests you encounter. Do not advertise or solicit professional travel services to guests or to other travel advisors/agencies attending the FAM/Event.
  • Please no engaging in any inappropriate, illegal or disruptive behavior, including verbal or physical abuse, solicitation, harassment, vandalism, theft, violence, use of false identification, possession of illegal substances, possession of firearms and failure to follow security instructions.
  • When attending FAM/Event functions we ask that you use your best judgment in selecting apparel that is casual in nature but tasteful and appropriate to the business setting we’re conducting within Universal Orlando’s parks and resorts environment. We encourage you to bring logo shirts/blouses promoting your own agency, but respectfully request you to not wear attire displaying other travel industry logos, brands, other theme park attire or licensed partner graphics.
  • We ask you utilize social media in a positive and influential way to reach out to your clients during your stay with us. No backstage, unauthorized photos or negative comments involving our company, brand or team members is allowed to be posted on any media platforms.
  • Face coverings are optional for all Universal Orlando guests while indoors and/or outdoors.
  • If you choose to wear a mask, we ask that you please wear a branded Universal Orlando Resort face mask when posting on Social Media.
  • Please always provide the Universal Orlando staff and your fellow industry advisors with respect and professionalism throughout our time together.


Universal Parks & Resorts Vacations reserves the right to dismiss you from the FAM/Event at any time if you do not adhere to the above guidelines. Any advisor dismissed from the FAM/Event will be responsible for vacating the premises immediately. Cost for remaining room nights, unused park admission tickets will be charged to the individual. Airport Transportation, additional hotel accommodations and food costs will be at the advisor’s responsibility.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation in following this code of coduct. We appreciate your support and look forward to welcoming you to our destination.